PAA: Episode One - Triumphs


Also known as Achievements or Trophies, depending on which platform you're playing on of course.

Stray Cat
Stray Cat Description
Have T. Kemper join the player as a support character.
Simply get to the point where you get the cat.
All Together Now
All Together Now Description
Do a 3-member Team-Up Attack.
Wait for all three main characters to power up their Special Attacks and perform a Team Up Attack with all three.
A Winner Is You
A Winner Is You Description
Successfully complete the first episode.
Defeat the final boss.
Nine Lives
Nine Lives Description
Kill an enemy using T. Kemper's basic attack.
That means the attack that does 1 damage, if it does 999 you fail.
Pack Rat
Pack Rat Description
Find and collect all of the hidden collectibles scattered around the game.
That's the 12 Concept Art, 5 Albums and the Phonograph Horn.
Steel Devils
Steel Devils Description
Explore the world to find all the robots, and defeat them all in combat.
Kill all of the Fruit Fuckers.
Pacifist Description
Only use counterattacks, health items, or distraction items to win one battle.
The only damage you can do is via counterattacks.
Silent, But Deadly
Silent, But Deadly Description
Fight, and destroy the final Boss without using any healing items.
You can be hurt and some die, just don't heal or revive.
Immortal Description
Play and win the game without allowing a character to die during combat.
Save often and reload if you happen to die.
Fight 'Em With Items
Fight 'Em With Items Description
Find and use every item in the game at least once.
Doesn't have to be in one fight.
Level Awesome
Level Awesome Description
Kill enough enemies in the game to get the XP necessary to get all party members to Level 15.
You'll get this near the end of the game.
Clean Sweep
Clean Sweep Description
Find and kill every possible enemy in the game.
All of them.