PAA: Episode One - Cases

1. Up, From The Ashes

Go with Gabe and Tycho to talk to Anne-Claire.
Search Hobo Alley for a place to live.
Look at the apartments in the Shithole.
Keep searching or a new place to live.

2. The Game Is Afoot

Look for evidence of the giant robot in Hobo Alley.
Collect some goo off the street to the right, there's a mime nearby.
Return the lubricant to Anne-Claire.
Search the ruins of your home on Desperation Street for more clues.
Return to your house and click on the large bolt in the middle of it.
Return the steaming bolt to Anne-Claire.
Look for more clues in Hobo Alley.
Defeat a gang of hobos in the north east corner of Hobo Alley for a giant winding key.
Return the giant winding key to Anne-Claire.
Search for clues in Pelican Bay.
Solve the 'The Rise Of The Refuse' case and use the token reward to buy the gear in Pelican Bay.
Return the gear to Anne-Claire.
Look for an undamaged robot in Hobo Alley.
Complete the hobo killing part of 'The Nobel Pee Prize' and then defeat the Slum Lord in the Warehouse. Pick up the inactive robot on the table when done.
Return the inactive robot to Anne-Claire.
Look for more clues in Pelican Bay.
Complete 'The Mistress Mysterious' and grab the giant light past the Cataract.
Return the massive light to Anne-Claire.

3. To Arms

Bring Anne-Claire 42 parts to upgrade your weapon.
Bring Anne-Claire 154 parts to upgrade your weapon again.
Bring Anne-Claire 34 parts to upgrade Gabe's weapon.
Bring Anne-Claire 145 parts to upgrade Gabe's weapon again.
Bring Anne-Claire 50 parts to upgrade Tycho's weapon.
Bring Anne-Claire 166 parts to upgrade Tycho's weapon again.

4. To Fell A God

Defeat a mime of great power, and capture his soul.
Fight The Silent Pope by the Old Orange Tree in Desperation Street.
Return the Dark Mime Priest's soul to Anne-Claire.
Search for something hi-tech.
Complete 'The Mistress Mysterious' and smash up the Fortune Telling Machine. Collect the Vacuum Tube from the wreckage.
Return the vacuum tube to Anne-Claire.
Search for something potent and pure.
Reward for completing 'The Nobel Pee Prize'.
Return the Ultra Urine to Anne-Claire.
Destroy the Silent One.

5. The Meat of Human Kindness

Bring Gerhard some high quality meat to feed the hobos.
In the Shithole Warehouse use the stamping machine on some Hobo Meat.
Give the "Delicious" stamped meat to Gerhard.

6. The Nobel Pee Prize

Rid the streets of all the hobos, so Ernald can get back into his lab.
Kill all 17 Hobos around Hobo Alley.
Tell Ernald that it's safe to open his lab again.
Find a 1/64 scale model of the Sinwheel.
Get into Pelican Bay and earn enough tokens to purchase the Sinwheel model off Kurtis Swindell.
Give the scale model of the Sinwheel to Ernald.

7. The Rise Of The Refuse

Destroy all the living garbage in Hobo Alley.
Kill all ten Animate Trash around Hobo Alley.
Tell James that he can return to his job.

8. Pelican Bay, Or, The Bloody Boardwalk

Find a ticket so Kurtis Swindell will let you into the boardwalk.
Reward for helping Ernald back into his lab in 'The Nobel Pee Prize'.
Give Kurtis Swindell the ticket to get into Pelican Bay.

9. To See, Or Not To See

Find the invisible briefcase.
A group of mimes have it on the Promenade after returning the Giant Light.
Return the invisible briefcase to the Ex-Mime Scientist.
Find the invisible stairs.
A group of mimes in Midway after returning the Giant Light.
Return the invisible stairs to the Ex-Mime Scientist.
Find the invisible rope.
A trio of mimes in Midway.
Return the invisible rope to the Ex-Mime Scientist.

10. The Mistress Mysterious

Look for something that can turn the Madame Zodora machine on.
Pick up an On Switch in the Shithole Warehouse from a crate near the Slum Lord.
Use the On Switch to activate the Zodora machine.
Put in tokens to get a fortune.
Insert a Red Token.
Solve the fortune's riddle "Silence the laughter."
Kill a laughing clown in the Promenade.
Put in tokens to get another fortune.
Insert a Green Token.
Solve the fortune's riddle "Entertain us."
Collect three instruments from Barbershop Quartets all over Pelican Bay.
Put in tokens to get another fortune.
Insert a Blue Token.
Solve the fortune's riddle "You will sieze the light... YOG SETH IS, IA! IA! MALDON UMBRUTHIA!"
Recite the fortune to the Cataract in Gates of Silence.
Put in tokens to get another fortune.
Click on the machine.