PAA: Episode One - Collectibles

Spare Parts

Desperation Street

Desperation Cul-De-Sac

The Old Orange Tree

Desperation Elementary

Desperation's End

Hobo Alley

Cheswick & Grove

West Chestnut Park

West Chestnut & Grove

West Chestnut Street

Grove Bend


Pelican Bay




Gates of Silence

Concept Art

  1. Mailbox of the house next door.
  2. Mailbox opposite where you meet the cat, T. Kemper, in Desperation Street.
  3. Mailbox in front of the house to the right of the Orange Tree.
  4. Picture above window in Anne-Claire's Room.
  5. Table with lamp on in Anne-Clair's room.
  6. Poster on the wall of the Witch-B-Gone at the start of Hobo Alley.
  7. Cardboard box house to the east of the park in Hobo Alley.
  8. Tar Scap sign on building on south-east corner of Hobo Alley.
  9. Clown picture on the wall inside The Shithole.
  10. Poster on front of Ice Cream shop to the left of Flying Pricks
  11. Pasty Chewing Gum sign on front of shop at the north-east end of the Forturne Teller area.
  12. Anchor in front of It's Like Fudge! on the Promenade.

The numbering of the pictures is as shown below:


Once you have all twelve you unlock an exclusive Penny Arcade comic.


Just like the artwork some of these can be found by clicking on random crap.

  1. Mailbox in front of third house to the right of yours, where you meet T. Kemper.
  2. Stampex-7 Industrial Beef Stamper in the Shithole Warehouse.
  3. Click on the radio behind Anne-Claire in her room.
  4. Play a tune for the Fortune Telling Machine.
  5. Finish the game.