PAA: Episode One - Characters


Johnathan Gabriel
Gabe Weapon Fists
Basic Attack Double Jab Cross
Special Attacks Unsporting Conduct
Body Barrage
Max Hit Points 501
Max Attack 458
Max Defense 50
Speed 16
Tycho Erasmus Brahe
Tycho Weapon Tommy Gun
Basic Attack Tommy Blast
Special Attacks Double Burst
Gas Can
Full Spray
Max Hit Points 370
Max Attack 683
Max Defense 30
Speed 10
You Weapon Garden Rake
Basic Attack Swat
Special Attacks Grand Slam
Hundred-Fold Strike
Max Hit Points 486
Max Attack 577
Max Defense 40
Speed 13


Thomas Kemper
Thomas Kemper Attack Grooming (or Dooming)
Anne-Claire Attack Flame Thrower
Fuchsia Attack Rainbow


James Filth
James Filth Location Hobo Alley, Cheswick & Grove
Case The Rise Of The Refuse
Dr. Ernald P. Whimple
Dr. Ernald P. Whimple Location Hobo Alley, West Chestnut Park
Case The Nobel Pee Prize
Kurtis Swindell
Kurtis Swindell Location Pelican Bay, Tollbooth
Case Pelican Bay, Or, The Bloody Boardwalk
Dr. Coriander Stripe
Dr. Coriander Stripe Location Pelican Bay, Tollbooth
Case To See, Or Not To See
Gerhard Kettle
Gerhard Kettle Location Hobo Alley, Grove Bend
Case The Meat of Human Kindness