PAA: Episode Two - Walkthrough

The best way to start the game is to load a character from Episode One, you can only load ones that have defeated The Silent One. If you don't then you'll miss out on a few things, but it's not the end of the world I guess.

If you do load a character make sure it has the Phonograph Horn as otherwise you might as well have not bothered.

However there are a couple of other benefits, you get some useless items that you wouldn't otherwise have (Pocket Lint and the Golden Hair) and you have a mime outfit, 'Silent One Garb', that you can wear and give yourself an extra 100 hitpoints.

You also start off with the same hit count that you ended with, although I believe if you ended with 40 it won't count for the triumph unless you lose it and regain it, starting with 39 and getting one more should do the trick though.

Desperation Street

Desperation Cul-De-Sac

Anyway, once you've chosen your character and possibly customised it a bit you'll be thrown into the game. Your first chance of getting a Triumph is given to you right off the bat, simply select the second option saying that you've actually calmed down a lot. Keep doing this until you've done this five times and earnt the triumph 'Reluctant Hero'.

New Party Member - Tycho Erasmus Brahe
New Party Member - Johnathan Gabriel
New Case - Steel Vengeance
New Map Area Unlocked - Anne-Claire's

Take the opportunity to gather a few items from the firework crates around the small area, if you've played Episode One you might have been expecting a larger location, but no, it's just your house, or rather the remains of your house.

There are no hidden pieces of artwork or albums here so either click the logo in the corner like the narrator says or try and move off the right-hand side of the screen. If you click the logo then click on the map on the wall at the back. Once on the map screen simply click on Anne-Claire's room and you'll magically appear there.

Anne-Claire's Room

Anne-Claire's Laboratory

Walk over to the far end of the room where you'll want to talk to Anne-Claire. Talking to her will unlock a new case and a new location.

New Case - What a Girl Wants
New Map Area Unlocked - Cloying Odor Sanitarium
Support Character - Anne-Claire

Once you've got these you can leave the conversation and return to the room. Before heading off you might want to collect a few things. Click on the telescope by her window to pick up Concept Art 1, the arcade machine behind her for Concept Art 2, and on the wireless radio above the arcade machine for Album 1 - The Enigmatic Overture. Once you've got those three things you should head back to your house to pick up the engine Anne-Claire wanted.

Desperation Street

Desperation Cul-De-Sac

Simply click on your house and you'll pick up An Engine. There's also a strange new chest on the floor on the right, you can only open this in Insane Mode for reasons too insane to make any sense as it prevents you from getting a fully completed game. Ah well. You can go give Anne-Claire the engine if you want or head straight to the sanitarium.

Cloying Odor Sanitarium

And So It Begins

Approach the guy on the left (the one in a wheelchair is simply a chest equivalent for you to smash open) to begin Episode Two's first fight. Yay! Either go with the tutorial if you're new or go without, it doesn't really matter. The narrator will now ask you to select your difficulty level, Difficult would be the optimum choice at this point, though if you're on that setting I can't imagine why you're reading this part of the walkthrough. If you find your choice too hard or too easy you can switch it up and down whenever you like by clicking on the scales in the office.

The tutorial should explain everything, I can't be bothered. Or I might have been bothered at some later point and written some stuff in the Introduction section so try there and see if I wrote anything. You're better off trying to make the killing blow a full damage Special Attack as that'll give you an overkill bonus, team-up attacks don't work for this by the way, which gives you more damage. The earlier you get these the better as you might find yourself running out of enemies to overkill before the end. You'll be told of a "new attack" for the next few fights but you can use them all right away so I'm not certain why, perhaps they thought you'd be overwhelmed at learning three new attacks at once.

Once you've killed the gibbering fool make your way forwards towards another one.

Keep on heading down the path to a pair of enemies. The key to these is that the thin ones, aka 'Thins', are weak to normal attacks and the fat ones, aka 'Stouts', are weak to special attacks.

The next enemy will flee straight away, what luck! Advance over the bridge to another group to attack. Beyond them you'll see a shaking box, approach it to reveal a Fruit Fucker (Mk III), aka a Harvest Buddy, who will be wanting to kill you. If for some reason you want to waste dynamite on it and you have some then they're weak to it. Other than that just keep hitting it until it's dead.

40 Spare Parts

Spare parts can be used to upgrade your weapons so it's highly recommended that you collect them all which means fighting all the Fruit Fuckers you can find, you won't really need to go out of your way for most of them. Keep on trucking.

The Winding Way

Attack another Thin and he'll be joined by a Stout and another Thin from further up. If you look on the ground to the left you should be able to see a dead frog wiggling a bit. Go over to it and click on it to unleash two Fruit Fuckers.

80 Spare Parts

Once you've killed them move forwards, past a couple of crates to smash, over a bridge and into another fight with a pair of Stouts. The fight will continue once you've killed them both by the addition of the four Thins that you can see in the distance. It's only once you've killed those four that the fight is over.

You should be able to see a man in blue up ahead, approach Dr. Johnathan Crazoir to get on with the game. He'll mention Doctor Lord Chandler Wolfington and asks you to get his release papers signed for him, dangling a punchcard for a reward.

New Case - The Manacled Machinist

You can leave at the first opportunity once you've got the new case, but as usual you might as well read as much dialogue as you can. Obviously try to avoid going in an infinite loop. Once you've finished chatting head forwards a short distance and go onto the next panel.

The Cloying Odor Sanitarium

Move forwards towards the first Stout in front of the fountain and he'll flee. Click the beast underneath the man's foot in the centre of the fountain for Concept Art 3. Next head to the left or right and engage the two enemy groups hanging around.

The group on the left has a new enemy within its ranks, the Tyrant. Tyrants are resistant to your basic attacks but weak to Team-Up Attacks so save your Special Attacks until you have two or more to use at once. You won't be able to hit the Tyrant until you've killed all of the frontline enemies.

Once you've killed both groups head towards the steps but you should spot another dead frog on the floor to the right of them. Click on the frog to fight a pair of Fruit Fuckers.

80 Spare Parts

Now you can head up the steps and into the Sanitarium.

Meet Pearl

Approach the woman at the desk, she's Pearl. You have now met her. Chat away and ask to see Dr Wolfington.

New Case - The Gatekeeper

With the new case it's time to head back to Anne-Claire to ask her what Pearl wants.

Anne-Claire's Room

Anne-Claire's Laboratory

Talk to Anne-Claire, she'll ask you to get a golden 14mm bolt for her.

New Map Area Unlocked - Riverbrook Park Estates
New Map Area Unlocked - Symposium on the Future of Man

Give her the engine if you haven't yet and then ask about Pearl. She'll tell you of flowers. Also ask about the Harvest Buddies.

New Case - What a Girl Needs

You should be able to upgrade one of your weapons with the parts you've collected so far. Each upgrade adds another five overkill spots so you may wish to choose the character that has already reached the five cap.

Where to next? The Symposium I guess.

Symposium on the Future of Man

The Symposium On The Future of Man

To get Concept Art 9 simply click on the pile of books on the table behind the group of three men. Click on the flowers by the Monkey Fighting Robot League door to collect a Daffodil and a Rose. Talk to the men around the room if you want, they don't have any cases to give you though. You'll probably want to talk to the lady sitting at the desk though. Ask to get into the Symposium and about the trophy on her desk.

Head through the doors on your right.

The Prelude

The room is almost completely empty. Wander around clicking on the flowers though. You'll find a Tulip near the door along to the right and a Rose further along next to a familiar looking mime. Talk to the good Dr. Stripe and he'll go on about losing a ring.

New Case - The Blessed Union of Souls

The reward for completing this particular case is a key, if you've glanced at the Bonus Collectible part of the Inventory you just might recognise the shape. All this means is that this is an optional case but one you'll want to do for Episode 3 as it will no doubt do something there. Hopefully.

Anyway, there's another Tulip down the room in a cart on the right and a Daffodil right next to it. Continuing forwards there's another Daffodil in the far corner and a Daisy in front of the stage. Talk to the dude by the Rare Bolts sign. You can go through all the options if you want but the one you're aiming for involves Anne-Claire. Ask for the 13mm option, it's not a memory challenge.

Once you've got that you can now head to the Estate.

Riverbrook Park Estates

Lucre Ave.

If you are playing on Insane Mode then the chest next to the first building is able to be opened. Kurtis Swindell has set up his stall nearby. Ask him about a place to live and what he's selling. The haul includes a Ring, a Bracelet, and a Phonograph.

If you ask for each object he'll inform you of its price. Unfortunately the ring, that you may have deduced belongs to Dr. Stripe, has already been sold to a young couple. Seeing as you don't yet have seventy billion dollars (or even a single lowly million) move onwards.

Clicking the rubble behind the Hobo Alley sign which is in turn behind Kurtis will net you Concept Art 6. Also in front of the large Riverbrook Park Estates sign you can find a couple of flowers, a Daisy and an Iris.

The first fight of this area involves the Annoying Couple standing in the middle of the road. Both the Annoying Men and Annoying Women are weak to punches so Gabe is useful in these fights. The Men are also weak to Special Attacks whilst the Women weak to Team-Up Attacks so you can use Gabe's special attack on the Men for a lot of damage. You should get a Chocolate for killing them.

Move on down the street, there's a Rose in the first flowerbed on the far side of the road. To fight some Fruit Fuckers simply approach the wobbling seagull just a little further down the avenue on the near side. That's 120 more Spare Parts.

Kill another couple over on the opposite side of the road and then another in front of a purple car standing in the middle of the street. The next thing to do is to click on a large gold gumball machine. Try gilding the 13mm bolt that you got in the Symposium. Pick the Daisy in the flowerbed and then move into the next panel.

Compound Interest Blvd.

Click on the white bit of paper on the floor by the first bench, there's an Iris in one of the nearby flowerbeds. heading along the road a little further and you'll find a large fountain full of gold. Click the merman in the middle of it to pick up Concept Art 7.

Kill the two couples standing opposite the fountain, they team up against you but it's not really that much of an issue if you know their weaknesses. On the rim of right-hand side of the fountain is another seagull with three more Fruit Fuckers inside. As usual that's 120 more Spare Parts. Remember to upgrade your weapons as soon as you can to have more time getting Overkills.

In front of a tree on the corner by the fountain is another white piece of paper to pick up. This one has the number 3 on it. You could go over to the ATM but it wouldn't do you any good just yet. Continuing ever onwards the game will highlight a locked gate. In the flowerbed on the corner here you'll find your third Iris.

Kill the couple standing on the corner and then, ignoring the couple by the golden gate, head right off the road. On the floor is the third piece of paper with a number on, and there's a Tulip here too. You will also probably want to click on the sign on the building to grab Concept Art 8.

Now it's time to approach the couple standing near those golden locked gates. After a brief chat showing off the ring, you get to fight. If you want to kill them both make sure to kill the man first, if you kill the woman first the fight is over. Note that this will not affect your kill count, it goes up by two either way. With the Engagement Ring and a locked gate in your way it's time to head off to the Sanitarium again.

Cloying Odor Sanitarium

The Cloying Odor Sanitarium

Head inside and talk to Pearl, as the picture on her desk is of pink flowers you might expect that you will need to give her some pink flowers. Correct. That's the Tulips if you've managed to miss some of them. You can just do trial and error to get the correct colour but you can also skip straight to the correct solution.

Offer some chocolates and then leave the conversation. The box on her desk falls off, it's easy to miss as it falls off screen. Pick up that Box Of Chocolates and, providing you collected six chocolates off the Annoying Couples, it will magically fill. Give the box to her and as she's still unsatisfied it's time to head back to Anne-Claire's Room.

Anne-Claire's Room

Anne-Claire's Laboratory

If you haven't yet given her the Gold 14mm Bolt do so. Also ask about Pearl. The game will subtly hint for you to get hold of Kurtis Swindell's jewellery. To do that you'll need to head back to Riverbrook Park Estates again.

Riverbrook Park Estates

Lucre Ave.

Unfortunately your credit rating has not improved. Make your way towards the Cash Machine and you'll spot that the street has been overrun by new enemies. All of these folks are weak to Firearms, so Tycho is useful here. You'll also have to kill the two Dappers before you can attack the Wealthy Matron. You'll be rewarded with two $10,000 Bills.

Continue on down the street, there's three more enemies infront of the museum. This fight will start with just the one man and then the two women will join surrounding you. You can just attack any of them this time. Another $20,000 is yours.

Compound Interest Blvd.

There's a couple more enemies standing next to the fountain. Once you've defeated the pair of them head around the fountain and up to the cash machine. Get ready for a fight! Gadabout is weak to Special Attacks and Firearms, so Tycho's Special Attack should be fun. Also note that using your normal attacks on him will result in you losing a bit of defense, not really enough to worry about though. The four notes will bring your total to $100,000 but you also get given a Bank Card.

Use the ATM card in the ATM on the wall and inspect the bank card. It will then ask you for the correct three digit code. That would be the three digit code from the three scraps of paper you should have found around the level. There's a little more to this than simply finding the strips, you should notice that the dots don't match up... unless...

The code is 3 6 1. Any of the withdrawal options will suffice. That's a million dollars! With enough cash to buy something head back to Kurtis Swindell at the start of the level. Purchase the Bracelet for a million and Kurtis will helpfully lower the price of the Phonograph to a more reasonable $100,000. How fortunate. Purchase that as well and you'll get a new support character.

Support Character - Div

If you brought your save over from Episode One and you purchased the Phonograph Horn off Kurtis Swindell in that one then your Div here will be much more useful. With your new bribe in hand, head back to the Sanitarium, again.

Cloying Odor Sanitarium

The Cloying Odor Sanitarium

Give the Bracelet to Pearl and you finally gain access to the main part of the Sanitarium.

Case Closed - The Gatekeeper

The Barracks

The room is fairly empty, just proceed to the middle and click on the door going left.

In The Hall Of Beasts

Head to the left and have a chat with Doctor Lord Chandler Wolfington in there, fill out the Wolfington Blot Test and you'll be committed.

Once that's done you'll be introduced to a new game. Read the instructions to learn how to play. Purple = Insane, Pink = Healthy, Grey = Inert, White = Immune.

Make sure to keep pulsing the core as you attempt to turn all the cells pink or white. You don't need to make it all go through one path so try alternately having a path going one way and then another. Three brains will need solving, each more dense than the last.

New Case - Comeuppance

Dungeon Parlor

Trapped in the Sanitarium (you'll find the map is unavailable), head to the left and out of the room.

Dungeon Foyer

Head down the path marked Ward B, it's the first path.

Dungeon Breakfast Nook

Pick up your Twin Hoe from the furthest right door in here (in the rocky section).

The Dungeon Proper

Head back out to the corridor again and go down to Ward A, it's the furthest left path. In the bottom right corner you should be able to see the Manacles of the Iron Maiden, the item needed to upgrade Gabe's weapon. Continue onwards to the left and click on the third door to find Concept Art 5.

If you've picked up your Hoe from Ward B you can collect a Nail File from the cage with a skeleton in it. Unable to help Gabe for now go back to the foyer again.

Dungeon Foyer

Talk to the guard on the left and give him the nail file and he'll give you the Dungeon Key.

Dungeon Breakfast Nook

Off to save Tycho.

The Dungeon Proper

And with Tycho you can now free Gabe too.

Dungeon Foyer

Talk to the guard standing by the exit again. Use a team up attack to take him down with ease. Head through the open door now.

The Laboratory

If on Insane Mode there's a chest you can open in the corner of this room. Click on locker second row down, third from the right to unleash some Fruit Fuckers to kill. With the 120 from this fight it should bring your count up to enough to upgrade a third weapon when you get the chance.

You'll also find Album 3, 'A Madman And His Violin', on the bottom row, third from the left. And click on the top left chart on the wall to the left of the exit door on the left for Concept Art 4. Head out.

The Barracks

Now filled with enemies to kill. There's a group straight away and a pair of Tyrants next to Wolfington's door. Since it's locked continue on your way towards the exit and you'll find one last pair of Tyrants to kill.

Head outside and whilst the map does become available upon stepping outside there are three more groups of enemies to kill along the way to the very start of the level.

Anne-Claire's Room

Anne-Claire's Laboratory

Ask Claire about getting through the Strengthium door and she'll give you a Fuse. Remember to upgrade any possible weapons before you leave for the Sanitarium again.

Cloying Odor Sanitarium

Dungeon Foyer

Head all the way through the Sanitarium to the Dungeon Foyer and insert your Fuse. As soon as the cutscene ends you'll be thrown into a fight with two massive Hat Spiders. Your Hoe will be advantageous as they are weak to Garden Tools, they're also weak to Explosives if you like using items. That's two bits of silk for you.

Head into the various Wards to fight the Hat Spiders in each of them. Once you've cleared the rooms head back out to The Barracks.

The Barracks

A bunch of patients will appear and you'll need to fight them to get past. It's all in one long fight though so, erm, yeah. Once you've defeated all of them you can go through into Wolfington's office.

In The Hall Of Beasts

Approach Wolfington at the far end and a fight will ensue. He has no weakness but he is impervious to Team-Up Attacks so don't try that. Normal attacks are fairly useless too so just go for Special Attacks.

He will mesmerise your whole team a few times throughout the fight and you'll start attacking each other, you can block these attacks but obviously a Counterattack is not the most desired outcome.

Keep attacking Dr. Wolfington until a Tyrant joins in and then perform a Team- Up Attack on it. Again focus on Special Attacks for the Dr, another Tyrant will be added again and then one more bit killing Wolfington. You get his Diary for killing him.

Case Closed - Comeuppance
New Outfit - Murder Safari

Click on the key that's on the corner of Wolfington's desk, it's the Estates Key. Also click on the white paper on the desk behind the desk. It's Dr. Crazoir's Release Papers. Now is also the time to get the Triumph/Achievement/Trophy for clicking on the binoceros testicles a few times.

Head outside the Sanitarium and find Dr. Crazoir to give him his release papers. He'll give you the Monkey Card 2 for your efforts.

Case Closed - The Manacled Machinist

Riverbrook Park Estates

Rich Motherfucker St.

With your new key you can now open the golden gates. Head inside the one building here.

Lavish Apartments

Follow the red carpet to Charles DuBois and talk to him. After the fight head onwards towards the stairs. Before going up click on the piano to find Album 2, 'Jasper, Bring The Car Around'.

The Lounge

A brief monologue ensues, continue on to the left and engage in combat with a pair of enemies in front of the bar. The Wealthy Matriarch are similar to the Wealthy Matrons, they're weak to Firearms. The Gadabouts you've already met by the ATM. Another pair join in part way through.

Once you've killed the four of them click on a sandwich on a table to the left side of the bar. It will unleash two Fruit Fuckers to fight. The Fruit Fuckers in this building should not be skipped for later, kill them now if you want all of the Spare Parts. That's 80 for this fight.

Head on to the left to go up the stairs.

The Bar

Continue left again and as you reach the lounge you'll fight some more Matriarchs. Once you've killed them a pair of Gadabouts will join in.

Click the hotdog on one of the tables to find another trio of Fruit Fuckers. That's 120 Spare Parts of course. Head upstairs again.

Okay, Last One

Just before the amusement parlor there's another jiggling sandwich with 160 Spare Parts worth of Fruit Fuckers inside, that's four of the Fuckers. Carry on forwards to fight three Matriarchs and a Gadabout.

Moving On Up

Head left to meet up with Charles and the landlord. Attack Charles with a simple normal attack and then you're controlling Tycho. Click on a brown comb on the first table on the left to collect the Evil Comb. On the middle table click the horned skull for a Horned Skull. The book on one of the armchairs is Mordo's Diary and the book on the desk is the Omnibus. Finally we click on the Evil Calendar just off the screen to the right behind the desk and we're back in the fight.

After hitting Charles again we're back with Tycho. Head over to the desk again and a book will fall to the ground. Pick up the Black Ledger and you'll also get the Monkey Card 3.

One more hit on Charles should do it.

Well, off to the Symposium now.

Symposium on the Future of Man

The Symposium On The Future of Man

It's time to win that trophy. Talk to the receptionist, Dr. Jillian Bromide, and she'll give you Mr. Tails to fight with.

New Case - Credentials

Enter the room three times until you win that trophy.

Case Closed - Credentials

Head through the door into the hall.

The Prelude

Head to the right and give Dr. Stripe the engagement ring you "found". He'll reward you with this episode's Bonus Item, a key.

Case Closed - The Blessed Union of Souls

Head back to Anne-Claire's next.

Anne-Claire's Room

Anne-Claire's Laboratory

Give Anne-Claire the silk you collected off the Hat Spiders in the Sanitarium and the Energite from the monkey fighting trophy. Also remember to upgrade if you can.

Case Closed - What a Girl Wants
Support Character - Mr. Tails

She'll also give you a ticket to the Symposium.

Symposium on the Future of Man

Banquet Hall

Another chat with Dr. Bromide will result in your ability to enter the Symposium. Chat with various Doctors around the room learning of their likes and dislikes of the other attendees. Or just read the answer in a bit.

The one you'll want to talk to to start off the task here is Dr. Ernald P Whimple in the bottom right corner. He'll give you a petition to get signed.

New Case - The Problematic Petition

The challenge here is to get people to sign the petition, something they won't do if they see somebody's name on there already that they don't like. What fun.

If you're in Insane Mode there's another one of those chests against the right- hand wall near Dr. Whimple.

Here's the info on the good doctors:

Dr. Uno Dr. Uno
Found in the middle to the right
Blonde hair and glasses
Hates Dr. Stripe
Hates Dr. Blood
Dr. Stripe Dr. Stripe
Top left
That mime dude
Hates Dr. Twee
Dr. Twee Dr. Twee
Located at the south end
Short fat guy with a moustache
Hates Dr. Drei
Dr. Drei Dr. Drei
Located north of Whimple
Bald with a bit of white hair and moustache.
Hates Dr. Quatromain
Dr. Quatromain Dr. Quatromain
In the middle to the left of Uno
Brown hair and moustache
Hates Dr. Blood
Dr. Blood Dr. Blood
Top left
Grey suit and red tie
Hates nobody

So that gives the following order:

Uno > Stripe > Twee > Drei > Quatromain > Blood

If you accidentally get somebody to sign it in the wrong order, for example by talking to Dr. Blood before his turn, you can go back to Whimple for another petition - although you need to have somebody decline to sign it first.

Once you get it correct head back to Dr. Whimple and he'll give you some Urine- Aid, it adds to your HP by 250.

Case Closed - The Problematic Petition

Head towards the stage and click on Krangle to get the story going again. And click again once all that's over.

Doctor Mordo von Mundo makes his entrance and so begins a fight with the Jack Furnace. A tough enemy with some strong attacks, the main weakness being after it has critically overloaded. It stops working and takes extra damage at that point, there is a count down to it so you should notice it.

A short way into the fight a pair of Fruit Fuckers will add to the fray, these are Mark IVs so they're a stronger than the ones you've fought so far in the game. Remember to use your support characters, Mr. Tails is of great use here. You get 80 Parts from this fight.

New Map Area Unlocked - The World's Fair
Support Character - Dr. Blood

Once you've got the ticket head towards the exit and fight a group of a mixture of the purple lit Mark IVs and the red Mark IIIs. They provide just 120 Spare Parts.

1922 World's Fair

Welcome To The World's Fair

Head right, past the rubble to a pair of Enforcers. They're reasonably tough and don't have any particular weaknesses but Team-Up Attacks are fairly effective here.

Just before running into the two Fruit Fuckers in the path you might like to click on the Lemonade Stand behind the fence to collect Concept Art 10. Then fight those Harvest Buddies for 120 Spare Parts.

Move on up the steps to the front of a building labelled "The Conveyalator" where there stands a pair of Evil Architects to kill. They're weak to your normal attacks so it should be an easy fight.

Walk up and off into the next panel.

Well, Isn't This Fucking Futuristic

Straight away there's a wall of Enforcers waiting to beat you up. During the fight after you've killed a few of them some Evil Architects will join in from behind but obviously they're not much threat.

Once you've beaten them off click on the Nut Stand behind the fence to find Concept Art 11. Before killing the Fruit Fuckers go over to the glowy machine next to the Nut Stand, the Ameliorator. You should be able to upgrade a weapon. Now kill the Fruit Fuckers for some more Spare Parts, 160 to be exact.

And one more fight with Fruit Fuckers to get the final weapon, they're standing on a Limeade Stand ahead and give you 160 Spare Parts. Head back to the Ameliorator to upgrade your final weapon.

Case Closed - What a Girl Needs

Ignoring the giant lever to the left move off to the right.

A L'Orange

Click the Lemonade Stand here to get Album 4, 'The Eight-Bit Precipice Of Darkness'. Heading forwards towards the giant robot there's a split in the path. On that split is a green sculpture which when clicked on rewards you with the last bit of concept art, Concept Art 12.

Head down the closest-to-the-screen path to fight some Fruit Fuckers. Make sure to try and get those last remaining Overkills as there aren't all that many fights left. And you get 120 Spare Parts for some reason.

Now you have a choice. If you want to see all the enemies in your Dossier continue going right. The downside is that you'll die and get a Game Over. Just continue and you'll be back on track.

Head up the steps down the second path to kill some more of those little Fruit Fuckers, the ones you can kill, with 120 Spare Parts. Head back to where the Fuckers were and click on the large plug.

Now head backwards through the level.

Well, Isn't This Fucking Futuristic

Approach that lever next to the Ameliorator and kill the Evil Architects blocking the way. One you've killed them click on the lever to pull it.

Welcome To The World's Fair

Further back through the level to that large red button. Again there are some Evil Architects guarding it. Click on the button.

A L'Orange

On the way back you'll have to fight a pair of Enforcers with a pair of Evil Architects and then a final group of Fruit Fuckers waiting for you. That's the last 120 Spare Parts of the game.

Proceed forwards to the ruins of the train.

Dans L'Orange

It's another team of Enforcers and Evil Architects, this time with the architects in the front. Once you've killed them head up the slope. As you round the u-turn you'll trigger a boss fight. The Penetrator Module is weak to explosives so you might want to use some of them. Otherwise it's a generally easy fight, focus more on Team-Up Attacks and Special Attacks rather than your normal attacks though. Use your Support Characters if you can, there's no point saving them.

If you're ready to finish the game click on the Steam Ladder to take you to the final boss fight.

Sur L'Orange

Walk over to the Fruit Fucker to get this going. Keep Special Attacking and blocking its attacks until the System Restore triggers.

Then the method for defeating the boss is to do move 3 first (Final Hug), then move 1 (Tough Love), and finally move 2 (Adorabombs).

Game over.