PAA: Episode Two - Concept Art

Hidden around the game are twelve pieces of Concept Art, you either have to click on every single object you see or consult the list below and only click on twelve.

  1. Anne-Claire's Room - Telescope.
  2. Anne-Claire's Room - Thing behind Anne-Claire.
  3. Cloying Odor Sanitarium - Middle of fountain.
  4. Sanitarium - Chart on wall to the left in The Laboratory.
  5. Sanitarium - Cell A-3 door.
  6. Estate - The rubble behind Kurtis.
  7. Estate - Middle of the fountain.
  8. Estate - Sign on building next to restraunt on the corner.
  9. Symposium - Books on the table behind the trio in the entrance.
  10. Fair - "Lemonade" Stand behind a fence.
  11. Fair - Nuts Stand in the second part behind a fence, next to the lever.
  12. Fair - The green sculpture thing near the giant Fruit Fucker.

The numbering of the pictures is as shown below:


Once you have all twelve you unlock an exclusive Penny Arcade comic.